Urine leakage is a condition affecting not only mature women but young ones, full of vital powers, as well. One of the most frequent kinds of incontinence is stress urinary incontinence. Find out what this condition consists in, what its causes are and how to cope with it.

Stress urinary incontinence, or urine leakage during workout

Stress (effort-related) urinary incontinence consists in uncontrolled urine leakage during physical exercise. It is mainly caused by disorders in the area of the urethral closure mechanism. Stress urinary incontinence is characterized by lack of urinary urgency and absence of contractive function of the detrusor muscle.

Urine leakage may appear during jumping or running, or during such activities as coughing, sneezing or laughing. According to the World Health Organization, urinary incontinence is among the most widespread health problems. It affects women definitely more often than men. Symptoms of this condition intensify with age, impacting both physical and mental health. Urinary incontinence affects older woman and younger, fit ones alike.

Causes of stress incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence is caused by weakening of pelvic floor muscles. They are usually weakened as a result of damage caused by childbirth or by surgeries performed in the lower abdominal area. People struggling with overweight, constipations or diabetic neuropathy are vulnerable to stress urinary incontinence as well. During the menopause, the pelvic floor muscles are weakened due to shortage of estrogen, responsible, among other things, for the amount of collagen and elastin in the organism.

Physical activity and urine leakage

Urinary incontinence is a frequent condition of physically active women – both amateur sport performers and professional athletes. When exercising, especially jumping, uncontrolled urine leaks occur very often. Such leaks may also be caused by aerobic exercises, such as running, aerobics, as well as strength sports. At the initial stage of the problem, the quantity of urine is low, while in case of an advanced condition, the bladder may be emptied completely. Three degrees of severity of urinary incontinence are distinguished:

  • 1st degree – involuntary urine leak only occurs in case of substantial effort;
  • 2nd degree – urine leakage occurs when performing simple activities, an uncontrolled urine leak may occur when getting up or walking;
  • 3rd degree – an advanced stage in which a urine leak may also occur while lying down.

Stress urinary incontinence is curable!

The problem of involuntary urine leakage continues to remain a taboo, despite affecting every fifth woman over the age of 25. This condition is considered embarrassing. Women do not admit the problem, even to their own physicians. However, it is worth mentioning that start of the treatment at an early phase allows total recovery. The process of recuperation may be lengthy.

Urinary incontinence during workout – how to deal with it?

However, urinary incontinence cannot take the joy of life away from you. You should not retire from social life or give up on activities that have been satisfying so far. There are different solutions available on the market, making women comfortable and helping them handle the embarrassing condition. One way is the urinary incontinence tampons from our offer. This product is made of high-quality PVA foam, used for production of most medical products. Above all, this material is biocompatible. This means it has no toxic impact on tissues. Moreover is free of hazardous chemical compounds. The tampon is soft, does not cause any irritation. It can be successfully used even under most extreme circumstances – when you need the highest comfort. The tampons perform excellently during workout, and even in a swimming pool. Imperceptible under the lingerie and extremely comfortable, they take care of your comfort for up to 12 hours.

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