To choose the right size of URITAM tampons, use the Starter Kit.

There are three types of Starter Kits – A and B, which offer three URITAM tampons each and, consisting of all five sizes of URITAM tampons, the MAX Starter Kit. The tampons in the Starter Kit are the same tampons found in the URITAM target packs. Each pack of the Starter Kit also has a leaflet, which contains all the necessary information about the product, and instructions for using the tampons.

2. How to apply a tampon for incontinence? Step by step instructions

URITAM incontinence tampon is an innovative product which is appreciated not only by experts, but above all by our clients. However, very often there are questions concerning the application of a tampon. This is an extremely important issue, because an improperly inserted tampon will not do its job.

Tampon application – how to do it right?  

Preparation for application   

  1. Always wash your hands before applying a tampon. The tampon is sterile but may become contaminated if proper hygiene is not maintained.
  2. Each tampon is individually packaged to maintain the highest level of hygiene. After taking the product out of the collection box you should remove the foil packaging protecting the tampon.
  3. An unpacked tampon has the consistency of hard foam and cannot be applied in this condition.
  4. To prepare a tampon for use, you need to soak it in clean, warm water until it is soft all over.
  5. Then squeeze the tampon thoroughly to get rid of the water.   

Proper tampon application  

6. (a) The female urethra is about 3.5 cm long. With incontinence the tampon should be inserted deep enough to be felt under the fingers. Apply the tampon deeper and then gently pull on the string so that the tampon sits in the correct position. 

If inserted too deeply it will press on the bladder instead of the urethral wall and the leakage of urine will not stop. For a tampon to do its job it should be inserted as shown in the instruction video at www.uritam.com or in the picture above.  

(b) A deeply inserted tampon also has a supportive function in the case of lowered reproductive organs.   

7. When applying a tampon, the string should be gently stretched to prevent it from slipping off the tampon. The end of the string should be outside the vagina. If after application the string is too long and gets in the way, you can shorten it. This will prevent the string from moving into the anal area and will avoid contact with bacteria.  

8. A properly placed tampon should not cause irritation or discomfort. If such symptoms are observed, gently reposition the tampon. You may feel a slight pressure.  

9. The tampon does not need to be removed before urination.  

How do I remove a tampon? 

10. The tampon is removed by gently pulling the string downwards.

11. Pack the used tampon in a bag and dispose of it in unsorted waste. Wash your hands afterwards. 

Tampon for incontinence – why is it worth it? 

URITAM incontinence tampon is an innovative product which has been created to provide the highest level of comfort to all women who struggle with involuntary urinary incontinence. The product is available in several sizes, thanks to which it easily adapts to the specific requirements of the female anatomy (more about it here). It is made of PVA foam, which is used in the production of medical products.   

One of the benefits of using URITAM tampons is that they can be used both on a short-term, occasional basis (e.g. during exercise) and for up to 12 hours without having to remove the tampon while emptying the bladder. In the age of pandemics, the ability to apply and remove a tampon in one’s own bathroom and not having to change it every few hours greatly increases a woman’s safety. Moreover, the tampon is extremely discreet – it does not show under underwear, so it is perfect for the beach or training.   


There is an animation on the website explaining how to apply a tampon (here). It shows how to place the tampon and how it works. An important feature of the tampon is that it does not expand – the tampon retains its actual size even if it is soaked in warm water before application.


Choosing the right URITAM tampon is extremely important.

In order to perform its function, it should press on the urethral opening in such a way as to stop involuntary leakage of urine. This means that the tampon must not so much touch the urethra as put some pressure on it – only then will it do its job properly. This pressure should not cause discomfort.

Each Starter Kit consists of the following tampon sizes:

Starter Kit A 
(diameter x height):

  • Size 1 – 23 mm × 42 mm;
  • Size 2 – 28 mm × 42 mm;
  • Size 3 – 34 mm × 42 mm.

Starter Kit B 
(diameter x height):

  • Size 3 – 34 mm × 42 mm;
  • Size 4 – 40 mm × 42 mm;
  • Size 5 – 45 mm × 42 mm.

Starter Kit Max
(diameter x height):

  • Size 1 – 23 mm × 42 mm;
  • Size 2 – 28 mm × 42 mm;
  • Size 3 – 34 mm × 42 mm;
  • Size 4 – 40 mm × 42 mm;
  • Size 5 – 45 mm × 42 mm.


If you want to properly adjust the size of URITAM tampons, you need to do a test on more than one tampon. It is important that such a test lasts not a few minutes, but at least an hour or more. It is also important to remember that the test should not take place only in one position. During the test you should do all the activities of your daily life, and even extend them to include exercise, a longer walk or simply your favourite hobby. This will allow you to test the tampon in different conditions, especially those that have previously caused discomfort.

It is therefore advisable to test more than one tampon from the Starter Kit to see if it works. It can happen that the tampon you have chosen is effective for normal everyday activities, but is not effective e.g. during sport. You should then use a tampon that is one size larger. After choosing the right tampon size from the Starter Kit you can order URITAM tampons in packs of five of the same size.


In the initial period of using URITAM tampon there may be a slight feeling of pressure, which should quickly disappear. The main aim of using URITAM tampons is to be able to perform without any worries all the activities which so far caused discomfort and stress.


It is extremely important to wash your hands before applying a tampon. URITAM tampons are manufactured as medical materials with the highest purity parameters. That is why special care for cleanliness is required during tampon application.

Watching the video available on the website, you can see how to properly apply URITAM tampon (here). In addition, in the leaflet attached to the package all necessary information has been provided.



If you want to buy URITAM for the first time, first choose one of the three Starter Kits.
Kit A and B each contain three tampons, while Kit MAX contains all five sizes of URITAM tampons

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